4 de julho de 2016

I headed in Piercing Conference in the United States.

I will write about Body Piercing in the view of my present day, as it gets to the point that this can work and earn money, recognition, or not so much in the professional, from how cultures and personal indoles interfere with the common good and personal evolution.

Source: APP http://www.safepiercing.org/  

I'm twenty days of the journey of my life, I will go to Las Vegas at the center of Piercing in the world in the last days of this month. I'm starting a scholarship, despite being a veteran, I go in exchange for attending classes, have free access, participate in the gala dinner paying with my work and experience. I see each task as simple as it is with joy of helping to carry out the 21 Conference of the APP in this year 2016.

To be this fellow I took part in selection processes, with video presentation of my work, studio, family, city, letters of recommendation from other professional interviews via Skype ,, long questionnaires where certainly the most difficult was communication because my English it is still precarious, a hundred e-mail was a good study. Future candidates is missing the language hinders everything.

Source photo Cia Piercing Vitrine

chose to go the hard way not just pay and sit, wanted to enter the movement thinking of really contribute my event promoter of experience, workshops and lectures at conventions and organizer and promoter, search the lecture on accidents with exposure to biological material OSHA .

My gradecimento to the entire APP team that supported me, and was very encouraged both by them and by my family and friends as well as few professionals who admire and respect in our Latin America, some negative surprise.

This introduction was to badmouth someone yes and no and say in public, themore the feeling of insecurity, pride, vanity. I surrender my tributes to the man who deserves to be mentioned because your thinking is aligned with the line of my mind and I will I owe it after all be a Schoolarship Al D. APP is for thefew and being the first Brazilian to integrate this project open for registration between several candidates from different countries around the world and hope so that Brazilians can enter through the front door here in front and not the window. Dream to help improve our Brazil defeats with so many talents, not protrudes to our Mercosur neighbors, even with the popularization of the profession and offer courses.

Not that I'll be JPA member despite being representing her on that journey, but absorb their good examples and I want to take my experience as Body Piercer showing our technique, reality and bring what they do best for our profit and evolution.    

Mr. Al deceased D. Sowes was enthusiastic in attending piercers who could not afford to afford education and their participation in the improvement andcontinuing education. Inspired by the attitudes of their founding member who died in 2000 The American Association of Piercers banking fellows, as well as the piercing industry also sponsors scholarships, can be said to be substantial social investment. And the deeds in life Al D. was made ​​to honor.

A large body of members is part of the selection and training as well as logistics in the event then e'um great teamwork that have time and dedication and not just pick a place to make a change for him to stay a few days there.

Shorty in their matter said the importance he gave to security, and said: He encouraged to make proper sterilization (autoclaving) in parts, jewelry and tools being minimum requirement. It also suggested that the jewelry must always adequately cleaned before sterilization and disinfection cycles conducting the ultrasound to remove any manufacturing residues.   Source: Point # 71: Al D. Sowers-The Man Behind the Scholarship - Shorty 

Fonte: Point #71: Al D. Sowers-The Man Behind the Scholarship – Shorty

Source: Point # 71: Al D. Sowers-The Man Behind the Scholarship - Shorty 

We have our values, but because of the brawl left is at war with the right and I'm slouched corner give room for opportunists and amateurs who call themselves fuckers. Not only what is outside is better and good example can either. I'll take care of my life, my clients and make a prayer to the Al D. and those who do good.


The Point: Point # 71: Al D. Sowers-The Man Behind the Scholarship - Shorty -http://www.safepiercing.org/thepoint/point-71-al-d-sowers-the-man-behind-the-scholarship-shorty-calma/on July 4, 2016


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